PS 34:3

Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

God Send Pediatrician

God gave us the coolest confirmation today. We have been looking for a Pediatrician who would see our baby for a few weeks, and then be ok with us moving with our newborn 6 weeks after the delivery, to Haiti. (Not many of the MD's I work with think that's a good idea!) But the Williams had told us about Hagan's Pediatrician and how he is a strong believer. We thought that maybe he would understand a little and could potentially be a good resource for us while we're in a foreign country with our newborn.

So we had an appointment with him yesterday morning. I started out by telling him that we're in a little different situation than most first time parents. I explained our situation and how we feel like God is leading us to move to Haiti full time. He seemed totally cool with it (but he did say 6 weeks is the earliest we should leave- which was good to know!) He kept asking questions about our call and what we would be doing down that was pretty cool. Then he proceeded to tell us his story. GET THIS! About 1 week after the earthquake, he went down to Haiti to help with some of the initial needs for a week! So he already has a heart for Haiti (which is pretty neat.) THEN....he continues to tell us that he and 4 of his other friends from church are in the process of starting and orphanage down there!!! He said last night he had just booked his plane ticket to go down for a few days to get some more ideas the middle of Sept!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! Not only does our new pediatrician have a heart for Haiti, but he is trying to start an orphanage down there- which is exactly what we're going to be doing!!
To top all of this off, he said he knows a few MD's down in Haiti, but when he goes down there in a few weeks, he is going to see if they know of any good MD's near Grand Goave (where we'll be living!) Could God have orchestrated it any better? I was worried about finding a pediatrician in Haiti, but God has completely crossed that off my list- because Dr. Cope is going to help us find one (who better to find a good one than a believing Pediatrician from the US?) Anyways- I just felt compelled to journal all of the amazing ways God is providing for our needs and completely confirming that this is where we need to be. God is SO amazing!!


  1. Angie...That is so amazing!!! I will be sure to keep you in my prayers as you and Andrew begin the transition not only into having a newborn but moving to Haiti! you know what your having yet or are ya'll gonna wait and let it be a surprise?

  2. God is so amazing! I love to hear stories like this where He is just SOOOO in something. What a blessing to have such a wonderful pediatrician who is even working on your behalf in Haiti!

  3. Bridgette- we're going to wait to find out :-)

  4. Awesome! God is soooooo GOOD!!! And that's an understatement :)