PS 34:3

Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Our Daughters

Faith Elizabeth Sutton
Glory Anna Sutton


Faith Elizabeth was born right on her due date: January 15th 2011 to two happy parents!!!  We named her Faith because that is exactly what the Lord had been teaching us around the time she was born.  We knew that God was leading us to move to a third world country with a 3-month-old baby.  We also knew that she would be a testimony of our reliance and complete trust in the Lord and His Sovereignty.  Faith is adjusting to the heat really well and spending time with her 31 new brothers and sisters!  How many other kids can say that?  We pray that as Faith grows up in Haiti, she will have a broadened worldview as well as a heart for the nations! 

Glory Anna was born almost 2 weeks early at a Birthing Center in Port au Prince, Haiti on June 2, 2012.  We named her Glory because of what God was showing us at the time.  (Bear with me, it will take a little explaining.)  One of our other Haitian children here in Grand Goave (Wilson) had been sick for close to a year and none of the doctors had been able to figure out what was wrong with him.  About 6 months later, we finally got a diagnosis: Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Our hearts sank when we found out it was cancer, but hopeful because of our connections to many people in the states.  But our hope quickly started to fade as he kept getting sicker and sicker and no prospects on the horizon for him to get any treatment.  We were literally watching this child fade before our eyes, but also at the same time we were getting ready to welcome a new child into the world.  I felt so torn inside- the thought of burying a child at the same time as bringing one into the world.  But one day, God gave me an overwhelming peace and it was as if He was saying to me, "I am going to show you My glory through this whole situation."  After that, I really felt like God wanted us to name our baby Glory.  And from the moment we left our house to deliver her, everything went perfectly- something that doesn't happen too often in Haiti.  Two days after Glory was born, Wilson was miraculously accepted into a great hospital here in Port au Prince.  It was all orchestrated by our Sovereign God and for that we give Him all the GLORY and the honor!!!