PS 34:3

Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Decision

Ok, so we have wrestled for a few weeks (that have felt like months) about this decision of where we think God is leading us full time. Through this time we have really struggled with several theological issues such as "does God really have an IDEAL, PERFECT plan for each of our lives?" and if so, "how specific is His will for our lives?" This raised a lot more questions in my mind as I got thinking about them. Anyways- we've been learning a lot about God and how He shows us His desire for our lives.

We have just recently felt like God has made it clear to both of us individually that He is leading us towards Haiti. We both feel confident that this is where God would have us serve full time. So now what? That's been the question of the week for us! We are still hoping to get to Haiti for good by the end of February (a few weeks after our baby is born).....which means a lot of planning and preparing in a few short months. It seems very overwhelming at first, but I'm learning to take it one step at a time. We are hoping to be able to take one more trip down to Haiti (most likely in the end of Oct/early Nov) to get an idea for where we would be staying/living/working etc. We will update you guys on the specific dates of that when we know :-).

Right now there's a million questions running through our minds- so we would covet your prayers for guidance and wisdom as we seek to transition to the mission field. We are some of the first missionaries with Hands & Feet- so there's going to be a lot of "trial & error" going on. Please pray that the rest of the pregnancy goes well (so far so good :-) and that the transition with a newborn would be as easy as it can be. Thanks again for all your support!!! We'll update as soon as we know what our next step is.


  1. Amazing Angie! I haven't wanted to pester you with lots of "have you decided yet" questions - but am excited for you both now that the decision has been made! I'm sort of SHOCKED when I heard your time table - February is going to be here before you know it!!! We'll be praying for you now as you enter this next phase of planning and preparing and know that God has it all orchestrated and laid out ahead of you!! Now I wonder if you'll be able to bring us back a baby from haiti!!!! :)

  2. And that's OUR time table. It totally depends on support and getting everything else ready! We just wanted to set a date to work towards something (so we're not being slack about it.) Thanks for all your prayers!

  3. Awesome!!! Can't wait to hear more about the journey!