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Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Monday, September 10, 2012

July Update

Update from Grand Goave

July 2012

GLORY to God!
We have some really exciting news about our well at the mountain property!!  Blue Ridge came by this week to drill our well and they found about 15 gallons/min!!!!  (To give you an idea of how excited we were, our last well on that property only produced about 3 GPM.)  Praise the LORD!  It was really neat, before they started drilling, we were able to pray both in English and Creole.  The neat thing about it was that there were lots of neighbors around and were able to join us as we began drilling for water.  We now have the green light from HAF to get started building our foundation for the permanent structure at the mountain property, Ikondo.  What a HUGE answer to prayer :-). 

Summer (and help) is Here!

The kids are officially done with school and are enjoying their summer vacation!  We have two interns who have joined us to help with teams and activities for the kids during our summer months.  Lauren is a VT graduate, who majored in art and is helping our kids make projects this summer to sell to our groups.  They have made some really cool things so far including necklaces out of rocks found on the beach and some different types of Haitian wall decorations. Our other intern, Myra, is here from CA to help us host our teams this summer.  We are so excited to have some extra help around here- especially when we have so many short term teams coming in and out.  Praise the Lord!

Basketball Court.

Our team last week also helped us pour a little pad for a basketball court.  Our kids are loving it (although, they're still learning the rules :-).  The team we have here this week has a lot of youth in it- so it's perfect: the Americans whip the Haitians in bball while the Haitians kill the Americans in soccer.


Wilson has successfully finished his first round of chemo two weeks ago.  So far, he has not had a whole lot of side effects from the meds- just some water retention.  The most exciting thing- is that they actually allowed him to come home for two weeks until he starts his next round!!  He was so excited that they allowed him to do that.  Especially because they were really hesitant at first- with a depressed immune system at an orphanage with 30 other kids- you're asking for an infection!  But he's been staying in Michelle's house and wears a mask while outside- but it's so much better for him to be with his "family" than in the hospital.  We're so thankful for that blessing.  He goes back in tomorrow for his second round- please pray for him as he continues his treatments and for strength!

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