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Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kids Moved in!!

Family & Friends,

      Well, I am extremely excited to tell you that we have finally moved in all of the kids to their new home!  We finished up today moving all of them in.  Thursday started off really busy: we met with all of the nannies, cooks and wash ladies early that morning and then moved the girls in that evening!  It’s crazy that this is the day we’ve been preparing for so many months and now it’s finally here!  The girls were so excited to say the least.  When we went to go get all of their stuff, they asked me if they were going to move over later and I said, “No, now :-).”  You should have seen their faces- they were so excited and ran to their room to get all their stuff.  They each came running back to the truck with a Rubbermaid container of clothes and a backpack.  They ended up eating dinner at the school, because it was ready, while we took their stuff to the house.  Then we picked them up 30 minutes later.  They were so excited when they went into their new house.  They didn’t fight (like I thought they might) about who got what bed.   They were really cute when picking out beds (mostly based on what sheets were on them.)  I let them get settled in with their nanny, Gadit, while we ate our dinner.  Then I went back a little later and they had unpacked all their stuff and put it in their cubby space.  Before they moved in, I put little nametags on each of their cubby spaces and they were so excited to have their own space with their name on it.  It was amazing to come back in the house that has been the tool room for the past several months to see it now filled with 7 happy girls and all their cute clothes!!  They’ve already made it feel like home.  Also, it was really funny that night, they were telling me some of the rules that we had made for them.  They were telling me that they were going to brush their teeth twice a day and bathe two or three times a day (those were two of our rules).  It was funny- they were really excited about that.  (I think they really like showers because it cools them off :-).  
Last night we had a movie night with the girls.  We watched The Princess Bride in our living room.  I don’t think they understood much of it, but they were so excited, none the less, to be able to watch a “fim.”  They kept asking me, “Does the princess die?  Does he die?”  It was so cute!
            The boys kept asking me, when are we going to live at Hands & Feet with you?  I think they were a little bit jealous of the girls getting to move first.  But finally, we were able to move them in today.  Boy, was that crazy!   The boys were adamant about what bed they wanted and they all had a huge long explanation why they should get it.  So, after about an hour and a half, we finally figured out where everyone was going to sleep.  The funny thing was- everyone wanted the bed with the spiderman sheets on it :-).  I told them we’ll change the sheets every week- but we won’t change your bed every week.  I still don’t think some of them understood, but oh well.  They are all settled in and each of them have their own bed- YAY!  We are also planning on having a big party tomorrow after church for the kids.   The girls helped me make two cakes for the party today :-).
            We also have an intern, Jeremy, who flew in yesterday.  He is a missionary kid from Turkey who is here for a little over 2 weeks to help us out with some construction projects- so that will be great!!  Anyways, lots going on.  But I just wanted to give you all a heads up that we’ve finally moved the kids into their new home.  Keep praying for us as we begin this new chapter with these 31 kids.  We know of a few extremely challenging kids, so pray for wisdom as we deal with them.  Pray that they would respect Andrew’s authority (a lot of Haitian kids don’t listen to us, because we’re American).  Also pray for patience when we’ve got 31 kids asking different questions all at the same time :-).  Thank you so much for all your support!  We couldn’t do this without all of our prayer warriors back in the States!!  Thank you for your role in these kids lives.  We love you guys!

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