PS 34:3

Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! ~Psalm 34:3

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exciting Support Update

We've gotten several really exciting emails and phone calls from several different people with HAF, and I've been meaning to write them up in a blog, but I've been a little behind. So I apologize for this one being so long. But I wanted to make sure I included everything.

So we got a really exciting email from Mark Stuart about a week ago! He said that he really wanted to help us raise support by using the platform that they have with Audio A. He said he was thinking about making a 90 sec video of us. He said he would tell a little about us at the beginning, and then we could share our story at the end. And it sounds like they are going to show this video at their concerts! How crazy is that?! I can only imagine how many people will get to hear the story of how God has called us to follow Him to Haiti!

This is totally a God-thing! Andrew said to me in the car Wednesday morning on our way to work, "I really feel like we need to just set a date to go in March, whether we have all of our support or not. If God has called us to go, why can't we trust him for the rest of the finances. We keep saying that we trust Him, then why not step out in faith and trust?" I was thinking, ok, I guess you're right. So, then....that very same day Andrew got a phone call from Bob (the director of HAF) and he said that they would like to help us out with our financial support- from H&F!!! They would like to be able to give us a little salary! SERIOUSLY?! It was as if God was directly telling us "don't let the financial support hinder you from getting to Haiti!" It was really neat, because I feel like we had been holding on to our support with a pretty firm grip, but when we let it go and completely gave it to the Lord, (which is where it should have been in the first place) He worked it out better than we could have! Imagine that- the God of the universe can handle our battles a whole lot better than we can as humans.

And to top all of that off: we got a phone call yesterday from Drex (Mark Stuart's dad), who said that he would love to help us in any way they can as we prepare to go. They are willing to meet with us and help us to emotionally and mentally prepare for Haiti. Then he said that him and his wife were also thinking about going down in January to build us a cottage on the Grand Goave site, and get it all ready for us and baby!

So not only are we getting SO much help with support from Mark & Bob, but we're getting emotional support from people who have lived down there AND we're getting a cottage built for us in the meantime! It's undeniable that God is the perfect orchestrator!! It is just amazing to see how God is completely working out all the details right in front of our eyes! And to Him be all the glory and honor and praise!!!!

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